Free E-commerce Setup, Dropshipping & SafePAY Agent Training

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Free E-commerce Setup, Dropshipping & SafePAY Agent Training

There is no shortcut to success. You can only earn BIG MONEY online by identifying problems & providing solutions. E-commerce is now becoming the biggest business sector.  Be your own boss, work from home & make millions of Naira from the sector without investing a capital (100% risk free).

1st Problem – Over 8 million vendors in Nigeria are looking for those who can help them market and sell their products to make more sales and profit. The best way this can be achieved is by creating an e-commerce platform that protects transactions between buyers and sellers.


2nd Problem – Online Scam is a major challenge facing over 20 million online buyers and sellers in Nigeria. With the integration of SafePAY, online scam between buyers and sellers won’t be possible anymore.

Therefore, upon completion of this short course, SafePAY Agents can launch their own e-commerce containing thousands of products from different vendors in Nigeria.

  • Every SafePAY Agent will have a unique SafePAY link that will automatically credit your account whenever transaction takes place on your e-commerce platform.
  • SafePAY agents can also make money even when transactions takes place outside their own e-commerce platform. They can make money from online stores of their own vendors too.
  • SafePAY Agents has multiple channels of making money which you will understand during this short course.

You can make a minimum of #90,000 weekly as a SafePAY agent.

In case you are an existing vendor or dropshipper, you can also upload your products on your own e-commerce platform as a SafePAY agent.

The good news for you as a SafePAY agent is that buyers and sellers do not necessarily need to know you or buy anything from your own online e-commerce before you get paid.


What You Will Get:

  1. Free instant e-commerce platform of your own.
  2. Your e-commerce will contain thousands of products from different vendors (automated).
  3. Potential buyers to your e-commerce can negotiate directly with vendors & pay via SafePAY; while you earn on every transaction.
  4. Ability to upload your own products in case you are an existing dropshipper or vendor (only to your own e-commerce platform).
  5. No startup capital required.
  6. Your money is not tied on products – 100% risk free!
  7. 100% online work – you can make money from anywhere.
  8. You don’t sell anything before you get paid.
  9. Opportunity to earn #12,000 monthly reward from your e-commerce traffic (Go-Viral).
  10. Opportunity to be a SafePAY Agent and earn up to #90,000 weekly.
  11. Opportunity to become a SafePAY Tutor & get up to #20,000 weekly.
  12. Ability to create and launch adverts for vendors to earn up to #25,000 monthly.
  13. Receive Certificate of Participation