Hire Over 5,000 Online Marketers To Sell For You Without Paying Them

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Hire Over 5,000 Online Marketers To Sell For You Without Paying Them

The only way you can continue to have sales (even while asleep) without spending money on advertisement or marketing is by hiring online marketers (dropshippers) to keep selling for you at no cost to you.

After completing this short course as a vendor (supplier), you will understand how our No.1 Dropshipping platform in Nigeria can trigger your sales and help you to generate millions of Naira.

As a vendor/distributor/supplier, your primary objective is to focus on offering quality products at affordable prices,  and see how over 5,000 online marketers/dropshippers will resell for you within few days.

In addition, your products would be spread across various online stores of dropshippers/marketers.

  1. You upload your products to our showroom for marketers/dropshippers to accept & publish on their stores.
  2. Imagine the power of 5,000 marketers promoting your products on their stores & across social media.
  3. You can view and communicate with dropshippers who have accepted your products.
  4. You have a unique online store for all your products where you can also make sales while asleep. Unlike other e-commerce websites, customers who click on your store link can only see your own products. It means customers can never compare your products or price.
  5. You enjoy affordable logistics across 24 cities for just #1,000.
  6. Even without sales, you can earn #12,000 monthly reward for just promoting your own online store.