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    • Seun Fasasi 2 months, 2 weeks ago

      Now this is getting messy and disgusting now. Got about 20 orders to courier but being my first time with NaijaTaxi, i only send one. It all started last Friday while placing the order, the web app misbehaves and i couldn’t make payment but was surprise to see the pickup guy on Saturday calling to come pick my item up, gave him my directions and he showed up within 20mins. Since i couldn’t made the payment online, i just gave him the 1k so the delivery could be placed. He collected it, saying nothing, so i thought it’s normal. About couple of hours later, he called to ask what was the payment for, i simply told him i couldn’t made the payment online the initial day, he said he’ll tell someone about it. A lady called back and asked if i have a subscription, told her no. That i prefer a Pay As You Go with that delivery being my first time, that i would consider subscribing after my first time experience with them. She told me to use the Contact Us link on the website to complain about the cash given to the dispatcher guy. I did tried sending message through the Contact Us page and i keep getting errors and couldn’t send, what a website 🙁 Since then, all i put calls through keep saying they couldn’t help with the situtation. Now my request is simple please, i’m already satisfied with this first experience and want my stuff back PLEASE.
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