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Naija Taxi is a fast growing indigenous transport company registered in Nigeria to provide world class, convenient and safe transport system to our people. Our core values include; safety, convenience, comfortability, affordability and punctuality.

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Our Services

Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ particularly logistics and forwarding needs, Naija Taxi team takes care of all your logistics and travels.[/stm_services]

Reach your destination 100% sure and safe

Ride with Naija Taxi today, 100% safe and secured. We offer City Rides, Intercity & Inter State rides at a cheap & affordable price.

Latest News

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Our delivery services is FREE, and we deliver to door step of your recipients/customers/clients at no cost.

Our Packaging & Pick-up fee is just N500. Remember our delivery cost is FREE per item/package less than 3kg.

At the moment, we only pick-up and deliver to Lagos city, Ibadan city, Abeokuta city, Abuja central, and Port Harcourt City.

Yes we are hiring. Call 08180003781 for enquiries or CLICK HERE for more information…

What makes us special?

Over 2,000 dedicated employees, working around the globe, deliver operational excellence.

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Contact Us

[stm_gmap map_zoom=”18″ disable_mouse_whell=”disable” marker=”1241″][stm_gmap_address title=”Ogun State” address=”Jofax Filling Station, Abeokuta” phone=”+234 818 000 3781″ email=”” lat=”6.597868″ lng=”3.367281″][stm_gmap_address title=”Lagos State” address=”The White House, 51 Ayangburen Opposite Oba Ayangbure Palace/Dominos Store, Ikorodu Lagos” phone=”+234 818 000 3782″ email=”” lat=”6.549495″ lng=”3.331974″][stm_gmap_address title=”Oyo State” address=”Suit B2, BayseOne Checkmate Plaza, Adeoyo Roundabout, Ring road, Ibadan” phone=”+234 818 000 3781″ email=”” lat=”7.361262″ lng=”3.867756″][stm_gmap_address title=”Port Harcourt” address=”SUITE 368, 3RD FLOOR, FORMER PAN AFRICAN BANK BUILDING BY SPAR/GOVERNMENT HOUSE, NO 3 AZIKIWE ROAD, PORT HARCOURT” phone=”+234 818 000 3781″ email=”” lat=”4.815554″ lng=”7.049844″][stm_gmap_address title=”Abuja” address=”Suite F3:2B ABM Plaza, Plot 23, Ekukinam Street, Utako District, Abuja.” phone=”+234 818 000 3781″ email=”” lat=”9.076479″ lng=”7.398574″][/stm_gmap]