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NT Viral-ads is a new viral marketing concept to help our vendors reaching thousands of Nigerians at a lowest cost using Facebook share.

NT Viral-Ads can be used to achieve different marketing campaigns

  1. Grow your Instagram followers & showcase all your products on IG page through NT Store โ€“ Click to see sample.
  2. Boost your sales offer, discount, giveaways, etc โ€“ Click to see sample
  3. Post Advert โ€“ for any services or information you want the world to know about.

Concept of NT VIRAL โ€“ Ads

The concept is very simple but effective than any type of marketing strategy.

We have thousands of people (ads influencers) who are willing to share your advert on their Facebook Timeline & get paid for it.

  • Every ads influencer must have minimum of 500 Facebook Friends before they can be approved by us.
  • It means advert shared by one (1) influencer has potential reach to 500 people on Facebook.
  • So imagine just 200 influencers sharing your advert, it means your advert will reach (200 x 500) = 100,000 people.
  • Every ads influencer earn #20.00 per specific advert shared.
  • To avoid the same set of influencers sharing the same post โ€“ an influencer will only get paid one time per advert shared. That is, you can only get #20.00 per post shared irrespective of number of times you share the same advert.
  • Amount of Campaign Budget will determine the number of ads-influencers that can share and get paid from a particular advert. That is, if the budget of the advertiser is #3,000, NT management will take 25% service fee and only the 75% would be used to promote your advert.
  • For instance, if you pay #3,000, 100 ads-influencers will share your advert and it will have a potential reach of about (100 x 500 fans) = 50,000 people.
  • Advertisers can see the number of times their advert has been shared.
  • Only approved ads-influencer will get notification via our mobile app or gain access to NT Viral-ads portal daily to view list of new adverts for them to share.

Why NT VIRAL-Ads is better?

Nigerians pay attention more to what their friends share on Facebook โ€“ so thus increases conversion/clicks rate.

Advertisers โ€“ Enter Your Campaign Budget & See Total Number of People You Can Reach

Minimum Campaign Budget: #3,000


  • DM us on Instagram @naijataxiservices
  • Make your payment and send your advert content with pictures via email for us to launch.

ACCOUNT NO: 2100512429




  1. on our website and .
  2. Click to open this sample post and use the Facebook share button.
  3. Then fill this to complete your registration and payment details.


  • After filling the form, our staff will check that you have successfully share the sample post on your timeline.
  • We only approve one username on our website to one Facebook account.
  • Check that you have minimum of 500 friends and then grant you access to to start making money.