Home of Verified Shippers & Sellers on Instagram

Click on Instagram icon to go to instagram page of the shipper/seller.

Naija Taxi will surely deliver your items when you buy from any of our listed verified shippers.

Buyers don’t need to worry about online scam or delivery issue anymore – we’ve taken off the fear through our identification & verification process.

Buyers must always check this page to ensure that the business still remain in our list prior to any order or payment to the seller even if you have purchased from the seller before. That is, we may remove the seller/shipper from our list at any time without prior notice to the public.

You are covered up to #50,000 if we pick up from a verified shipper/seller and we don’t deliver the item.

Instagram Shopping & Delivery Now Made Easy.

To have your business listed and also offer door – door delivery services.


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